SPAM alert from CELCOM

Today I have received alert message from Celcom. Before that I’m already concern about Celcom Ads where any of mobile network (Maxis, Digi “one that I’m sure about” and U Mobile “the one I’m not too sure”) can change to Celcom if they want to without losing their number. Just change the network provider. I read this Ads in the newspaper. Then I go window shopping around this Shah Alam area and see the some of the ads at Celcom mobile booth. Other networks?

I’m become confuse when I told by my friends about this new feature of technology where they said that not only by Celcom, but other network services provider do the same. I’m become speechless for a while and talk to myself, wow… maybe i miss something here. I’m concern about Celcom but others are not. Then I just forget about it. To me every mobile company has their own special features, strength and weakness. It’s up to us to choose it right.

This morning I’m receive sms which I’m thought maybe my girlfriend message me. So I quickly look for my handphone and open the message. All the surprises turn to “oh a message from Celcom”. I just take a minute to read the message and then I think back about what my friend told to me before. Then I talk to myself “maybe they just receive spam message saying that other networks do the same as celcom”. Haha… maybe this is what I’m missing for. Lucky me not too fool by the unknown truth.

So below is the message that I receive from Celcom which I already receive it twice:

Alert! Beware of spam SMS inviting you to switch to other networks (Maxis, Digi/U mobile). Keep your number & remain with Celcom, the widest & best network.


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