Free drink from Tropicana Twister

Last Monday after finish our first class in the morning which is at 10:30 am,  some of my frind said ” you batter go to the office right now because there is a free drink to take away”. Without thinking further, me and my frinds quickly go to that  place to claim what my friend said just now. Then we saw a vehicle park right infront of the office which has a big sticker of Tropicana Twister. I put the word “vehicle” becauce i don’t know that type of vehicle. Hehe…

Then we approach the vehicle and the promoter gave me the apple flavour. It test really like the real apple fruit whether it is in bottle. Sweet and juicy is all what can I say when I drank it. Unfortunately, I can’t have the orange flavour because the promoter only gave 1 bottle per person… huhuhu…

Twister Apple

Twister Apple

Tropicana Twister

Tropicana Twister

That’s all folks, Bye…


4 Responses

  1. aku amek 2..2 2 oren..
    kirenyer aku antara yang bertuah la yer..

  2. Wah…patutlah aku nak minta 1 oren 1 apple tak nak bagi…huhu. Korg abiskan dulu ek… Sampainya hatimu membuatkan aku mengidam twister oren. Wakakakak…..

  3. ooooooooo…..tropicana twister hooooo
    sik nyum…nyum…
    bwekkkkkk 😛
    manis glakkkkkkk

    *jgn marah nek…hehe 😛

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